Changing Your Registration

If after registering you wish to modify your registration, you may submit a request on the Internet. See "Test Fees and Payment Policies" for information about the fees associated with registration modifications. If you need to correct or update personal information (e.g., your mailing address), you may update your personal information through your account; see "About My Account" for details.

The following table describes the types of registration changes available and the associated deadlines. Follow the instructions below to submit a registration modification request on the Internet.

Type of Change
Changing your test date 4:00 p.m. mountain time on the standard registration deadline for either the test date you wish to change from or the test date you wish to change to, whichever is earlier
Changing your test area
4:00 p.m. mountain time on the standard registration deadline for the test date for which you are registered
Adding a test
Changing your test selection
Withdrawing your registration

Changing your test date. If you request to change your test date, all tests will be changed from the original test date to the new test date. If you wish to change the test date for one, but not both, of the tests for which you are registered, first withdraw from the test you wish to change. Then, submit a new registration for that test, selecting the test date of your choice.

Changing your test area. You may request to change the test area for which you are registered; however, such requests are granted based on available space. Requests to change from one testing facility to another in the same test area cannot be honored.

Adding a test or changing your test selection. You may request to add a test or change the tests for which you are registered. If your change in registration results in an overpayment, your refund will be issued approximately five weeks after the test administration date.

If you registered on the Internet for a test you had previously taken, paid a reduced fee for this test, and subsequently request to change from this test to an ineligible test (see "Test Fees and Payment Policies"), you must pay the additional test fee and the change of registration fee.

If you are adding a test and are eligible for a $25 refund for the test you are adding (see "Test Fees and Payment Policies"), you must submit the entire test-add fee. Refunds will be issued automatically to eligible examinees.

Withdrawing from your registration. You may request to withdraw your registration entirely. Refer to the withdrawal/refund policy in "Test Fees and Payment Policies" for more information about withdrawing.

Requesting Registration Modifications on the Internet

To request registration modifications, complete the following steps:

  1. Select "Confirm or Modify Registration" on the PLACE website.
  2. Log in to your account and request registration changes by the appropriate deadline. Follow the instructions provided.
  3. If a payment is required, enter your credit card information when prompted. See "Test Fees and Payment Policies" for more information.
  4. Within three business days, confirm that the change you have requested has been processed. See "Confirming Your Registration."