Release of Your Test Scores

Your test scores will be reported to you, the CDE, and the institution that you indicated when you registered. Your scores will be available on the score report date published in "Test Dates."

Your scores are reported directly to the CDE. Please keep a copy of your score report for your records.

Under some circumstances, scores may be delayed. For example:

Examinee Score Reports

Your score report is available to you on the Internet, at 10:00 p.m. mountain time on the score report date published in "Test Dates." Score reports released August 30, 2016, or later will be available for 2 years as PDF documents, which you may view, print, and save for your records (score reports issued prior to that date were available for 45 days).To access your score report, select "Score Reporting" and follow the instructions provided.

For each test you took, your score report provides information about your passing status and other performance information. See "PLACE Passing Requirements" for detailed information on passing requirements for PLACE tests.

Your score report is accompanied by an explanation of how to read your score report. A score report explanation is also available by selecting "Score Reporting" on the PLACE website.

You have the opportunity during the registration process to request that your score report be sent to you by email. Score report emails are sent beginning at 5:00 p.m. mountain time on the score report date. If you request this service, your score report will be sent to the email address that you provide during the registration process. If you wish to have your score report sent to a different address, you may log in to your account on the PLACE website and update your contact information.

If you have not received your score report two weeks after the score report date, call (413) 256-2885. Under no circumstances will your score report information be released in person or by telephone or fax.