PLACE Licensure Requirements

The following tables provide information about the PLACE tests required of applicants for initial Colorado educator licensure. If you are unsure of your PLACE requirements after reviewing this information, contact your academic advisor or the Educator Licensing Unit of the CDE.

Initial Licensure Testing Requirements

Type of License or Endorsement
Test Required
Administrator (e.g., superintendent)
Administrator (81)*
Early Childhood Teacher
Early Childhood Education (02)
Elementary Teacher
Elementary Education (01)
K–12 Teacher (e.g., art, music)
test corresponding to license endorsement
Principal (80)*
School Counselor
School Counselor (41)
School Social Worker
either the PLACE School Social Worker (47) test or the test administered by the American Association of State Social Worker Boards
Secondary Teacher
test corresponding to license endorsement
Special Education: Generalist Special Education Generalist (20)—Please note that the Elementary Education (01) test is a prerequisite for entry into a special education teacher preparation program.
* The Principal (80) and Administrator (81) tests are separate tests that correspond to different endorsements. When you register for the PLACE, please be sure to register for the correct test.

Special Service Licensure Requirements

Type of Service License Requirements
passage of a national exam in audiology
Occupational Therapist
passing score on the Occupational Therapist National Registration Examination
Orientation and Mobility Specialist
valid certificate from the Association of Educators and Rehabilitators of the Blind and Visually Impaired or the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals
Physical Therapist
valid PT license issued by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
School Nurse
valid RN license issued by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies
School Psychologist
passing status on the National School Psychology examination
Speech/Language Pathologist passing status on the National Speech-Language Pathology test