Test Sites

The May 6, 2017, test date will be the final administration of the PLACE program.

When registering for the PLACE, refer to the following table to select your test area. Test area availability varies by administration date. Test sites are within the general areas listed but are not necessarily inside the actual city limits. Test site locations are selected based on availability and appropriateness of facilities for test administration.

Test areas are subject to change in the event of scheduling conflicts. If it becomes necessary to change an area, every effort will be made to ensure that the new area is located in the same general region as the one you originally requested. In the event that there is insufficient space in a test area to accommodate all exami­nees, it may be necessary to reassign examinees to a different area. In such a case, you would be notified of the arrangement.

Please be aware that not all tests are available on all test dates. See "Test Selection" to determine which test dates are available for your test selection.

Test Area and Code Test Dates and Test Area Availability
8/27/16 11/5/16 5/6/17
Alamosa (001)  
Boulder (002)
Colorado Springs (003)  
Denver (004)
Durango (005)
Fort Collins (006)
Grand Junction (007)
Greeley (008)  
Gunnison (009)