Who Is Required to Take the Tests?

Candidates for initial educator licensure in Colorado who have completed an approved educator preparation program in Colorado are required to take and pass the applicable content-area tests. This includes candidates for teaching, special services, prin­cipal, and administrative licensure. Also, candidates who are entering a one- or two-year Alternative Licensure Preparation Program may take and pass the applicable PLACE test. Please refer to "PLACE Licensure Requirements" and "Test Selection" for more information.

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) must have evidence of a passing score on each applicable test before an initial license will be granted.

Additional Endorsements

An individual holding a Colorado license who applies for an additional endorsement must pass the relevant content-area test.

Out-of-State Teacher Candidate Requirements

Individuals who are licensed by another state or country are required to pass a content-area test as described in "PLACE Licensure Requirements" unless exempted by the CDE. Candidates who hold a standard certificate or license in another state and have completed three or more years of continuous, successful, and evaluated elementary or second­ary teaching in their specialty area may not be required to complete a test for the CDE. For further informa­tion, please review the CDE application.

Vocational Credentials

If you are seeking a credential to teach a specific occupational, trade, or technology field (e.g., cosmetology, building trades, auto mechanics), please contact the CDE Licensing Office. You may address your inquiries to:

Colorado Department of Education
Office of Professional Services and Educator Licensure
6000 E. Evans Ave.
Building #2, Suite 100
Denver, CO 80222

Telephone: (303) 866-6628
Website: www.cde.state.co.us/cdeprof